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What Makes Us Different

  • Cold Pressed

    Obsessed with cold pressed. Our 100% certified organic and kosher ingredients are cold pressed to keep nutrients and enzymes right where they belong, infusing your body, mind and soul with all of the great things Juicera has in store.

  • Cold Pressured

    We like to keep our cool which means we only use cold pressure technology to keep our juices safe. Thousands of pounds of cold water pressure is used, retaining nutrients and enzymes to fuel you through your day. Here's to keeping it cool together, one juice at a time.

  • Taste the Love

    Certified USDA Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO; we cold-press our ingredients right away, with no added sugar, preservatives or anything artificial. Lots of love and full transparency is why Juicera is Made True For You.