Our Story

It all started with a realization that great cold pressed juice was so hard to come by. When Stephanie, a student studying dietetics & nutrition at the time, walked out of class she had a thought, that little did she know, would be the seed that would grow into a well-known brand. The thought that organic cold pressed juice can be so beneficial to thousands of people but was so hard to come by lingered in her mind for days. She decided it was time to take action.

Excited and eager, Stephanie purchased her first cold pressed juice machine, a Norwalk. She began pressing, mixing, testing and cleaning (juicing tends to be messy) recipes that she would give to her friends, family and those she felt could really be impacted. It was through these moments that she realized she held the power to make massive change in peoples lives. Juicera was born.

As the universe would have it, people began to understand the power behind a glass of juice, cleansing was on the rise, and drinking kale juice was becoming a part of everyday life. People began to grasp the magic behind cold pressed juicing and Stephanie’s business began to boom. With beet stained walls, countless hours of missed sleep, and the hard hustle that it took to meet orders, Stephanie felt the growth of Juicera beginning to rumble. Venturing into her first commercial kitchen, a humble 500 sq ft space, Juicera was becoming more of a reality every day.

Stephanie realized it was more than just juice that she  was creating, it was a brand and she needed someone  who was just as passionate and crazy about juice as  she was to hop on board. In comes Lori. Lori was tired  of working in the corporate world where she felt impact   was only being made to her stress levels instead of   changing peoples lives. She was quenching for   something big, and Stephanie had the antidote. The   decision to join the Juicera team was one that would   help catapult the company into what it is today.

With more and more people waking up to the benefits of cold pressed juice, Juicera became the first juice company in Florida to be approved for wholesale by the FDA. Not only did they obtain their USDA Organic and Kosher Certifications in that 500 sq ft kitchen, but they incorporated HPP, a revolutionary piece of technology that would ensure safety and quality for their beloved juices and would allow them to expand as their hearts desired. Today, this technology is used by many food companies and allows these companies to keep food in its purest form. 

Stephanie and Lori created Juicera to help people attain their highest level of health. The power of juicing has not only changed their lives, but has now changed the lives of thousands. Through juicing they realized that all you need in life is to get back to the basics. From a small kitchen came a big dream and with hard work, patience, and an immense amount of love, Juicera is here today.