Our Story

There was a tree like no other,
With oranges ripe and fair,
Planted by a girl and her mother,
With love and great care.
Soon the golfers came,
There clubs swinging in the air,
The oranges they would ill-claim,
The girl could not believe their dare.
A profitable plan was devised,
Of selling fresh squeezed orange juice,
The golfers pleasantly surprised,
The oranges war now called a truce.
As the girl blossomed and grew,
The love of juicing filled her heart,
In her mind a dream did brew,
Her vision she would impart.
Juicera…born in her humble kitchen,
It was the time of March 2011,
Laws were broken, taste buds smitten,
Because she had juiced a bit of Eden.
Stephanie launched her Juicera dream,
With a team selling bottles door to door,
Along would come Lori, kismet it did seem,
She would help expand Juicera even more.
The two friends possessed of fanaticism,
For making juice simple and pure,
They found a group to share their vision,
Of their sanity others are just not sure.
One thing is certain, about this endeavor,
Your life will certainly change for the better,
When you open a bottle of fabulous Juicera...
100% pure, cold pressed and organic,
Quality unmistaken, even by those who have tasted just...
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