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Juicera offers 10% savings on bulk orders to any workplace through our Corporate Partnerships. With organic juice and shots at the ready, any office team can feel and perform better, while conveniently getting the nutrients they need. A clean mind is a strong mind, and Juicera is your partner in helping to keep employees at their best, both mentally and physically.

* minimum order of ten juice or shot packs per delivery, to one location

Team Squeeze

Is your office crew always wondering what to do for lunch? Forget the lunch rush… and crash. Our tasty juice cleanses are ready to clear mental fog and make those tough jobs and deadlines feel like a breeze. Cleanse with co-workers, motivate and support each other through the many benefits… maybe even some friendly competition. You’ll look great, feel fabulous, and be cleared of that dreaded mental fatigue, so you and your team can stay focused and sharp.

**One delivery location per group. For clients who need shipping, discount applies to juice cost only.

8 or more
cleanse packs,
receive 10% off.

15 or more cleanse packs, receive 15% off.

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